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Mega888 Online Casino Review

mega888 online casino review

Before an online betting platform can be recognized as one of the top and reputable gaming brands, it will definitely boast outstanding game quality, security, design, and responsive customer service. All these qualities are what make Mega888 stand out among its contemporaries. The online casino, which is based in Asia, works through a gaming application that is supported by every mobile operating system. Hence, as long as you possess a smartphone, you can play at Mega888 with ease. However, Southeast Asia regions such as Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, and Malaysia are countries where Mega888 majorly operates. 

Nevertheless, the casino’s reputation goes beyond its operation coverage as it’s gradually having a footing in many countries outside Asia. If you seek an online casino in Malaysia that tends to bring something new and exciting that exceeds expectations continuously, then consider getting in touch with Mega888. This online betting platform ensures that players experience memorable game time. In this review, we’ll be discussing Mega888 online poker in detail to have better insight into the online casino. Kindly read to the end!


The Quality of the Online Casino

mega888 online slot review

If an online casino doesn’t scam or exploit players, it doesn’t necessarily imply that such a casino is a reliable brand. After all, we don’t expect an online casino to defraud gamers. But what makes an online casino reputable and dependable is the ability to ensure that customers are not harmed, as well as working actively to improve the experience of the gamers on their website. 

Undoubtedly, game quality is an essential metric for assessing a quality online casino. However, beyond impressive gameplay and graphics, an excellent online casino needs to offer casino security, rewarding gameplay, and responsive customer support service. So, let’s share more information about Mega888 to determine whether it’s worth being considered as a reliable and reputable online casino or not.


Mega888: Number of Games

While assessing an online casino, counting the number of available games is one of the easiest metrics. Simply check the gaming catalogue and see the number of game options available to the players. At Mega888, the amount of available games is quite outstanding. The Malaysian online casino offers a wide range of games, including fishing games, arcade games, slot games, and shooting games. Also, you will come across a large number of live table games to choose from. Without any gainsaying, as far as game variety is concerned, it’s not one of the lapses of Mega888 online casino.

You will find it interesting to know that despite the high number of available games, developers are still creating new game content, as well as updating the existing ones. Also, considering that Mega888 undergoes routine updates and maintenance, players get to experience new game release monthly. Thus, you can always expect to have a unique gaming experience from time to time. Currently, you will find more than one hundred slot games and multiple live table games at the online casino. So, regardless of your game choice, you can be sure of having a memorable gaming experience at Mega888.


Mega888 Review: Quality of Games

While reviewing a Mega888, the word “platform” is commonly used because most online casinos serve as a point of providing online games to players. In essence, not many online casinos go beyond game supply. However, there are a few online game brands that also create games; among such brands is Mega888. This game household is not only a platform to provide online casino games but also a software provider for other online casino platforms. In other words, Mega888 covers the entire supply chain of the gaming industry. So, it is understandable why the online casino is considered as a professional in in-game curation and selection.

Available games at Mega888 come with impressive design, flawless game flow, speed, infinite replay value, and high profitability. More so, other top online software providers supply spectacular content such as ACE333, XE88, Sky777, Playboy, and Pussy888, to Mega888. Hence, don’t be surprised to find only high-quality games on the Mega888 website. 

Aside from the ultra-high resolutions, the games feature exciting storylines and impressive gameplay mechanics to keep players on their toes. You will likely get addicted while playing games at Mega888. Also, you will come across fantastic arcade games while the fishing games are simply awe-inspiring. And as for the slot games, try not to be overwhelmed. After a few trials at Mega888, you will likely be tempted to return and have more spins at the online casino. Aside from the fascinating gameplay, the thoughts of winning the progressive jackpot are enough temptation. Below are some of the featured games that you will find at Mega888, the online casino Malaysia.


5 Fortune

mega888 5 fortunes

With a golden display, the game is believed to bring fortune. 5 Fortune has a slow pace, 15 pay-lines, and modifiable denominations. The entire screen is filled with gold that will surely encourage you to put your all into the game. In short, 5 Fortune is an online casino game that features almost everything you would like to see in a slot game. Also, at every corner, you will come across a chance to get free spins.


Da Sheng Nao Hai

mega888 da sheng nao hai

This online casino game is one of the most famous fishing games globally. Many players would have unquestionably come across it at one point or the other. Da Sheng Nao Hai is also one of the top-trending fishing games in the online casino industry. Over time, several developers have tried to develop similar gameplay like Da Sheng Nao Hai without reaching any notable success. So, the game is unique, exciting, and offers an immersive gaming experience. Many players recommend this game – and we do too.


7 Crazy

mega888 7 crazy

Here is a simple yet rewarding slot game. While the game is referred to as 7 Crazy by some players, others call it Crazy 7 slot. You don’t need a lot of practice to learn the game as it is quite easy. With the simplistic visual design, you will find it comfortable to play. Also, you won’t find any special mechanics or gameplay complications in the game. 7 Crazy is designed with one pay-line; gamers simply bet, and click spin, then watch as the game handles the rest. If you are looking for an appealing, simple, and rewarding slot game, then try out the Crazy 7 slot game.


African Wildlife

mega888 african wildlife

People who love animals will surely appreciate African Wildlife than others. This game is a complete delight to gamers as it features different kinds of animals. Most animals that you will find while touring through Africa are available in the game. African Wildlife is an interactive game with appealing visuals and an amazing spinning experience.


8-Ball Slots

mega888 8 ball slots

For those who are enthusiasts of the classic online games, the 8-Ball slot is a game worth spending your time on. Right from the inception of the online casino industry, the game has been ever-present. The game features a minimalist and pool-oriented aesthetics. Over time, the design of the game has improved significantly – currently, it is better more than ever. At Mega888, you will find the redefined version of the classic game.


Aladdin Wishes

mega888 aladdin wishes

Concocted right from one of the famous 1001 Arabian night collection of fables, this game is familiar, mystical, and rewarding at the same time. In the game, you will be taking to the much-fantasied wonderland, where genies, magic lamps, and flying carpets look real. Perhaps, you have seen the Disney movie and read the story; now, it is time to be part of it through a slot game. Get ready!


Mega888 Review: Cash-out Service

Every player at Mega888 gets to experience a special cash-out service. This service is quite fast and effortless. Aside from that, the online casino encourages players to try different game techniques to increase their chances of winning, and it also provides a platform that supports winning generously. Regardless of your game choice, Mega888 will ensure that you are not left out. All you need is to show consistency and willingness to take risks by betting with real cash. More importantly, to ensure that you have a smooth betting experience, the casino provides an impressive cash-out service that supports straightforward deposit and withdrawal procedures. 

bk8 deposit options

Deposit and Withdrawal

When you choose Mega888 and accrues withdrawable points, you need to go through your dealer to claim your prize. You can contact the dealer through different options such as WeChat, live chat session, phone call, or WhatsApp. Mega888 works with only the best dealers around; they are professional, responsive, and experienced. Once you place a request, they will respond to your demands within 24 hours.

More so, the customer service team at Mega888 works throughout the day. So, there is no chance for them to miss your requests as they are always answered promptly. Also, this implies that you can make your request at any time and from anywhere. The customer support representatives ensure that you have a satisfactory experience gaming at Mega888 as the brand gives high priority to the customers’ satisfaction.

Thus, if you seek a reputable casino to have an excellent time, play rewarding games, and engaged in straightforward transactions between your casino and the bank, then choose Mega888. At the online casino, getting your winnings in the safest and fastest possible ways is guaranteed.


Mega888 Security

The security system at Mega888 is unrivalled as the brand provides every necessary thing to have a safe and secure gaming experience. According to the casino, a large portion of the casino’s budget is spent on the security system of the platform, which indicates how high the brand prioritizes security. So far, there is no case of the client’s account getting hacked in the history of Mega888. Right from inception, the online gaming platform has ensured that the personal and financial details of its patrons remain confidential. Thus, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your information; the Mega888 security team is always on the desk to protect your casino records.

As a licensed online casino, Mega888 must have been well-assessed before given authorization by many organizations. The licensing firms and online watchdogs have vouched for the brand, which shows that it is a safe and secure platform for betting. More importantly, Mega888 works with a two-factor authentication between an online casino app and email. Thus, hackers need to bypass two security layers to access a patron’s account, which is almost impossible to solve. That aside, if a hacker makes any transaction on a stolen account, it will be cancelled instantly, and the account will be returned to the rightful owner once the user reports any suspicious activity to the management team.

Another important reason behind the solid security system at Mega888 is that the brand operates 128-bit encryption for personal details, financial records, and account login passwords. With such a level of encryption, hackers have to contend with a large wall that will prevent them from accessing your account password. If ever they manage to succeed, the password will be encrypted so that it will be useless to them eventually. Also, Mega888 uses a secure firewall for the protection of users’ accounts against hackers. Most security experts have tested the firewall and confirmed its reliability. Hence, any unauthorized third party will have another issue to handle while trying to gain access to your account or use your essential details.


Bonuses and Promotions

Among useful marketing tools that most online casinos in Malaysia use to attract players to their platform are free cash and free credit. Understandably, such an approach is necessary, considering the high level of competition among online casino owners.

The technique of bonuses and promotions is widely used – and Mega888 is not an exception. Mega888 offers satisfying and generous bonuses. No matter how unlucky you are during a game, you will surely have something to smile about through bonuses and promotions. On the site, you will receive some free goodies which include the following:




Event Details & Application

  1. First-time depositing members are required to transfer a minimum amount of MYR 50 into the MEGA888/918KISS wallet to be entitled to this promotion.
  2. Go to [transfer] page, select “Transfer”.
  3. Enter the amount you would like to transfer from the “Main Wallet” to the “MEGA888/918KISS” wallet.
  4. Select [MEGA & KISS 150% WELCOME BONUS] from the promo code dropdown menu.
ProductBonusMax BonusWin Amount
MEGA888, 918KISS150%MYR 1506x

Terms & Conditions:

Bonus Play Conditions: Members are required to fulfil a win amount 6x of the [deposit + bonus] amount to transfer or withdraw. Please see the following example:


Bonus (150%)Win Amount
[MYR   50+MYR  75]x6= MYR   750
[MYR 100+MYR 150]x6= MYR 1,500




Event Details & Application

  1. Members are required to transfer a minimum amount of MYR 50 into the MEGA888/918KISS wallet to be entitled to this promotion.
  2. Go to [transfer] page, select “Transfer”.
  3. Enter the amount you would like to transfer from the “Main Wallet” to the “MEGA888/918KISS” wallet.
  4. Select [ MEGA & KISS 50% DAILY RELOAD BONUS ] from the promo code dropdown menu.
ProductBonusMax BonusWin over
MEGA888, 918KISS50%MYR 1005x

Terms & Conditions:

Bonus Play Conditions: Members are required to fulfil a 5x win amount of the [deposit + bonus] amount to transfer or withdraw. Please see the following example:

DepositBonus (50%)Win Amount
[MYR  50+MYR   25]x5= MYR   375
[MYR 200+MYR 100]x5= MYR 1,500




How to apply:

  1. The registered member with the aforesaid deposit amount within the calendar month.
  2. Click [APPLY NOW] and fill up the detail requested (shipping information).
  3. Please ensure all the detail given are valid, or the qualifying will be void and cancel.

Event Details:



Accumulative Deposit and Valid betReward AReward B
Diamond2,500,000iMacBonus 3,800
Platinum1,500,000MacBook AirBonus 2,800
Gold1,000,000iPhone 11 ProBonus 1,800
Silver500,000iPad ProBonus 500
Bronze300,000iPad AirBonus 300
Normal150,000iWatch Series 5N/A




Event Details & Application:

  1. Get your link. Once logged into yourBK8 account, you’ll find your referral link on your profile [Referral].
  2. Invite your friends to register through your referral link.
  3. Get rewarded! Every time someone you invited creates an account and complete the 500 deposit required within 60 days,  you and your friends each will receive an MYR25 cash reward.



Event Details & Application

  1. Contact Customer Service via Live Chat.
  2. Personal details are required for verification.
  3. Once identity successfully verified, customer service will proceed with the promo to your preferred wallet.
Providerlatest 3 months
Deposit Count
Max BonusTurnoverWin over
All providers
Excluded IDN
8MYR 381x2x
18MYR 88
28MYR 188

**Winover only applies to 918KISS and MEGA888 products.



This review expresses some of the reasons why Mega888 is one of the fastest growing online casino platforms in Asia, especially in Malaysia, and beyond. The new business strategy employed by the brand is undoubtedly helping their reputation’s growth as they give high priority to customer satisfaction and gaming experience. 

Evidently, Mega888 is a reputable online casino in Malaysia that boasts a stable security system and an impressive variety of games. Whether you are a casual player or hardcore gambler, you will find a game of interest that tends to bring you luck. The website interface is user-friendly while the games feature outstanding designs. More so, some bonuses and promotions help improve your winning chances and increase your monetary reward. Try to use free promotions to check out some of the best games on the website. Advisably, you should check out the slot games to get used to the site. In this way, you will find it easier to engage in more advanced games, such as live table games and fishing games.

Regardless of the time or your location, you can quickly contact customer service to make any inquiries. Also, they are always ready to resolve any issues encountered by their patrons. Join Mega888 Online Poker today and experience a smooth gaming experience. Good luck!

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mega888 review

Mega & Kiss 50% Daily Reload Bonus, Up To RM100

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